April 2024

GeoH2 TAC Meeting - April 30, 2024 [Video]

01 GeoH2 TAC Meeting 04.30.2024 Shuster [pdf]
02a GeoH2_MMA [pdf]
02b Delshad- TAC-April 30-final [pdf]
03 Field Test Design 04302024 V1 [pdf]
04 GeoH2 Spring 2024 Geophysical Monitoring_Bhattacharya [pdf]
05 Simulated in situ production in Fe-bearing deposits - Larson [pdf]
06 GeoH2 _HyFive TAC Demo [pdf]
07 WhiteH2_2024_TAC_v2 [pdf]


March 2024


Special Presentation by Dr. Tianyi Sun of EDF [Video]
Hydrogen Emissions:  Atmospheric Impact, Current Estimates, and Knowledge Gaps


October 2023

Meeting Introduction and Summary

Meeting Introduction [pdf]
GeoH2 2023 Fall Meeting Summary [pdf]

Porous Media and Economics [Video 1 and Video 2]

1.0 GeoH2 Annual Meeting October 19-20 [pdf]
1.1 Impacts of multiphase flow properties on the subsurface hydrogen storage [pdf]
1.2 Optimizing Simulation Design: Balancing Economic and Realistic Conditions in Underground Hydrogen Storage [pdf]
1.3 Numerical simulation of the impact of different cushion gases on UHS in saline aquifers [pdf]
1.4 Techno-economic and Economic Valuation of Hydrogen Storage in Depleted Reservoir [pdf]
1.5 Hydrogen demand potential for fracking in the Permian Basin [pdf]

Salt Storage and Characterization [Video 3]

2.1  GeoH2 Salt Research Program: An Overview [pdf]
2.2  Updates to GeoH2 Web App / Hydrogen Storage Potential of Salt Domes in the Gulf Coast of the United States [pdf]
2.3  The stratigraphic record of evaporitic sequences in the northern Delaware Basin (Texas and New Mexico): Relevance for H2 storage [pdf]
2.4  Unsupervised machine learning for bedded salt formations of the Delaware Basin using electrofacies characterization and core calibrations: Significance and Future Work [pdf]
2.5  Reducing uncertainties in petrophysical characterization of bedded salt formations: a new workflow integrating petrophysical modeling and high-resolution core scan [pdf]

Novel Concepts: In situ generation and native hydrogen [Video 4]

3.0 Day 1 recap GeoH2 annual meeting October 2023 [pdf]
3.1 Analog coal maturation and in-situ hydrogen generation from underground coal gasification: preliminary experimental data from coal crushing [pdf]
3.2 H2 adsorption in sedimentary carbonaceous rocks and minerals: Implications into H2 geological storage in coal seams [pdf]
3.3 Thermodynamic analysis on in-situ hydrogen generation: Impact of CaO nanoparticle injection [pdf]
3.4 (Ultra)mafic rocks as a source of geologic H2 and potential coupling with carbon mineralization and critical minerals [pdf]
3.5 In-situ hydrogen production: geo-engineered serpentinization [pdf]

Hydrogen storage monitoring & risk analyses [Video 5]

4.0 Overview of potential risks, analyses, & monitoring [pdf]

Experimental Work [Video 6]

5.1 Assessing the impact of subsurface heterogeneity on H2 storage efficiency in aquifers using microfluidic experiments [pdf]
5.2 Monitoring the microbial consumption of hydrogen gas in subsurface storage [pdf]
5.3 Demonstration of Hydrogen Storage Economic Screening App [pdf]

July 2023

Recording of Meeting July 20, 2023 [mp4]

  • 01 - GeoH2 Industrial Affiliates Program 7.20.2023 Workshop  [pdf]
  • 02 - Modeling and Simulation of UHS  [pdf]
  • 03 - Wettability and Relative Permeability Effects in UHS  [pdf]
  • 04 - Modeling and Optimization for Realistic Conditions and Economic Viability  [pdf]
  • 05 - Techno-Economics of Hydrogen Geological Storage in Depleted Reservoirs  [pdf]
  • 06 - Permian Basin Hydrogen Potential Study [pdf]
  • 07 - Hydrogen Demand Potential & Economics for Heavy-duty Vehicles in the Permian Basin  [pdf]
  • 08 - H2, CH4 and CO2 Sorption on Cameo Coal: New Role of Cushion Gas in H2 Geological Storage  [pdf]
  • 09 – Update on H2 Field Test at Devine, Texas  [pdf]

April 2023

  • Overview of Proposed Research Activities 2023 - 2024 [pdf]
  • Recording of TAC Meeting April 20, 2023 [mp4]
  • Introductions and Program Overview - Shuster [pdf]
  • H2 Impact on Rock Wettability - Delshad [pdf]
  • Microfluidic Experiment- Ershadnia and Hosseini [pdf]
  • GeoH2 Field Test Design - Nicot [pdf]
  • STARR GeoH2 Web App - Ruiz Maraggi [pdf]
  • Storage Cost HyStor Tool Demo - Lin [pdf]

February 2023

Salt Storage and Cycling App V1 Workshop [pdf]

October 2022

Program and Extended Abstracts/Papers [pdf]

Session 1 [video]

  • M. Shuster – Welcome and Introductions – Setting the Stage [pdf]
  • M. Delshad – Modeling and Simulation of H2 Seasonal Storage in Geological Porous/Permeable Media [pdf]
  • M. Hotan – Impacts of Grid Resolution and Reservoir Parameters on H2 Storage [pdf]
  • R. Ershadnia – Impact of Geological and Operational Conditions on Underground Hydrogen Storage [pdf]
  • J.P. Nicot – Key factors for Shallow Test Design [pdf]
  • S. Hosseini – Evaluation of Hydrogen Storage Efficiency within Aquifers using Microfluidic Experiment [pdf]

Session 2 [video]

  • P. Eichhubl – Assessing Risk of Geological Hydrogen Storage [pdf]
  • S. Bhattacharya – Time-lapse Seismic Modeling of Hydrogen Storage: Implications on Subsurface Monitoring [pdf]

Session 3 [video]

  • L. Lake – Dispersion and Reversibility of Compressible Flow in Porous Media [pdf]
  • A. Lan – Dispersion in Compressible Fluids Displacement [pdf]

Session 4 [video]

  • L. Moscardelli – Salt Studies – An Overview of Ongoing Research [pdf]
  • O. Duffy et al – The Role of Salt Tectonics in the Energy Transition: An Overview and Future Challenges [pdf]
  • N. Schuba – Cavern Development in the Mississippi Salt Basin domes: Past incidents and New Geologic Observations [pdf]
  • N. Schuba – Significance of Paleogeography for Cavern Development in Bedded Salts: A Case Study from West Texas & New Mexico [pdf]
  • L. Ruiz Maraggi – Modeling Hydrogen Storage Capacities, Injection and Withdrawal Cycles in Salt Caverns Using the GeoH2 Salt Storage and Cycling App [pdf]

Session 5 [video]

  • N. Lin – Market-Based Asset Valuation of Hydrogen Geological Storage [pdf]
  • N. Lin – Route to Market Strategy for Blue Hydrogen in Permian Basin [pdf]

Session 6 [video]

  • I. Duncan – In Situ Generation: An Overview of ISG and Research Challenges [pdf]
  • T. Zhang – Origins and Accumulation of Natural Hydrogen in Sedimentary Basins [pdf]

July 2022


Workshop [pdf] [pptx]
Modeling and Simulation of H₂ Seasonal Storage in Geological Porous/Permeable Media [pdf] [pptx]
Hydrogen Storage Risk Analysis & Mitigation Discussion [pdf] [pptx]
Cavern Solution Mining and Salt Cavern Storage [pdf] [pptx]
Techno-economic and Value-chain Analysis of Geologic Storage [pdf]
Gas Analysis from Domal Salt Implications for Subsurface Energy Storage [pptx]
Buoyant Flow of H₂ in Storage Aquifers Implications to Geological Screening [pdf] [pptx]

April 2022


GeoH2 Field Test Design [pdf]
GeoH2 Technical Advisory Committee Meeting April 14, 2022 [pdf]

February 2022

0.1 Agenda GeoH2 Industrial Affiliates Program Feb. 8  9 2022 [pdf]
1.1 GeoH2 Program and Operating Model Pack [pdf]
1.2 Delshad-modeling and simulation [pdf]
1.3 GeoH2 slide-kickoff-Ia-Seyyed [pdf]
1.4 LMOSC_GeoH2_Salt_Caverns [pdf]
1.5 Eichhubl H2 risk analysis Launch [pdf]
1.6 Farzam Javadpour-Diffusion and seal Integrity [pdf]
1.7 GeoH2 Nicot Screening Criteria+Field Tests [pdf]
1.8 GeoH2 slide 2022 Shuvajit Bhattacharya [pdf]
2.1 Duncan Ren kickoff talk [pdf]
2.2 Ren_Insitu Generation and Multiphase Modeling [pdf]
2.3 GeoH2 slide (LakeLan) [pdf]
2.4 Techno-Economic Tool Aura [pdf]
2.5. H2 Route to Market Feb09 2022_Lin [pdf]
2.6 GeoH2 Feb 8_9 2022  Recap, Comments, & Next Steps [pdf]


  1. Day 1 Welcome and Session 1a Geological Storage - Reservoir Characterization
  2. Day 1 Session 1b Geological Storage - Risk Assessment
  3. Day 2 Welcome and Session II In Situ Generation and Novel Concepts
  4. Day 2 Session III Techno-economics and Value Chain Analysis
  5. Day 2 Recap of 2022 Recommended Research Program and Plans

July 2021


00 Overview [pdf]
01 Shuster Introduction July 15 GeoH[pdf] [pptx]
02 Lin_Araque_H2 infrastructure [pdf] [pptx]
03 Eichhubl H2 Storage [pdf] [pptx]
04 GeoH2 meeting Nicot [pdf] [pptx]
05 Farzam Javadpour-Seal Integrity [pdf] [pptx]
06 Delshad-simulation [pdf] [pptx]
07 STARR H2 July 15 Salt Storage LMOSC [pdf] [pptx]
08 GeoH2 meeting Hosseini Overview [pdf] [pptx]
09 H2GasMixing [pdf] [pptx]
10 H2 Generation in-situ from Oil Reservoirs [pdf] [pptx]
11 Geo H2 Wrap [pdf] [pptx]


Hydrogen Storage Subsurface Research [pdf]
Hydrogen at Scale Why Geology and Texas Matter [pdf]
Geological Storage and Techno-Economic Research for a Hydrogen Economy [pdf]
Hydrogen at Scale Why Geology Matters [pptx]


GeoH2 Brochure [pdf]


Lord AS, Kobos PH, Borns DJ, Geologic storage of hydrogen: Scaling up to meet city transportation demands [pdf]
Zgonnik V, The occurrence and geoscience of natural hydrogen: A comprehensive review [pdf]


Shuster et al, Hydrogen infrastructure expansion requires realistic framework [pdf]

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